You Call, We Haul. Flexible Options for Transporting Your Freight.

Hensley Incorporated semi tractor and trailer parked at a loading dock

Local and Over-the-Road Trucking
Moving your domestic freight wherever you need it to go within the lower 48 states.

Hensley, a well-established logistics company with over 40+ years in business, maintains local and over-the-road transport contracts with a growing number of manufacturers and suppliers. Whether you call on us one-time to haul a single load or contract with us as your dedicated transport partner, you will receive the same high-level of professionalism. We will be pick it up, haul it, and deliver it — on time with safety at the forefront.

As a flexible transport company, we are effectively equipped to provide cross dock solutions for your volume freight moving. We also have drop trailers located throughout the Midwest region, to ease customer storage constraints and keep drivers down time to a minimum. When it becomes time to get your freight moving, call on the experts, call on Hensley.

Hensley Incorporated semi tractor and trailer parked in an alley next to a processing facility

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload)

Select specialized attention for your LTL needs. Providing service by utilizing our 53' air ride, specialized dry vans we ensure that your products — whether food grade or other — are properly and safely transported at all times. At Hensley, we pride ourselves in stable, fair, and competitive pricing that our customers have expected over the years, not following the trends of spot markets.

Two Hensley Incorporated semi tractors and trailers parked at a loading dock

FTL (Full Truck Load)

Providing expertise to strategically ensure a full truck load job is complete, Hensley relies on 53' air ride, temperature controlled refer trailers and specialized dry vans to meet your needs. Whether you contract us to move a full shipment from Minnesota to Wisconsin, or from coast to coast, you can rest assure that it will stay safe and secure with load tracking and temperature recording, where necessary.

Working with food manufacturers and retail suppliers we often find ourselves hauling a variety of commodities within the same shipment, from higher value sensitive equipment to a pallet of product, all is handled with the same professional service customers have come to know. At Hensley, we pride ourselves in stable, fair, and competitive pricing that our customers have expected over the years, not following the trends of spot markets.

Hensley Incorporated's shop and maintenance buildings outside of Osakis, MN

Safety & Maintenance
Priding ourselves on equipment maintenance that is second-to-none.

Safety and maintenance, you can't accomplish one without the other. Hensley attributes success to our trained and dedicated drivers, but we also know that their success relies on the equipment they are given. For this reason, we maintain our own modernized shop performing regularly scheduled maintenance and timely repairs for all of our trucks and trailers.

Starting with equipment that is working at its best is the first step towards completing a successful shipment — but it's not the only factor. After the equipment, the safe transport of your products is in the capable hands of our drivers — all of which are experienced in all types of driving conditions, utilize ELD, and have a solid grasp on the "safety first" way of thinking.

Following and implementing operational procedures allows Hensley to keep our personnel safe, which in turn leads to efficient, professional, and safe shipments for you.

Greenish / Grey Hensley Incorporated Semi Tractor

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